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How to travel with your guitar on a plane?
Embarking on your next adventure doesn't mean leaving your music behind. Makeev Guitars introduces the ultimate travel companion for musicians: the Foldable Travel Guitar. Crafted with the modern traveler in mind, this innovative instrument combines luthiers craftsmanship with groundbreaking portability.
Unleash Your Music Anywhere with Makeev Guitars' Revolutionary Foldable Travel Guitar
Traveling with a guitar has long been a challenge fraught with risks and inconveniences. From the fear of damaging your precious instrument in transit to the struggle of managing bulky cases through crowded airports, the hassles are endless. Not to mention, the anxiety of checking in your guitar, only to find it damaged upon arrival, or worse, lost. But what if you could carry your guitar as effortlessly as your travel bag? Enter the game-changing solution from Makeev Guitars: the Foldable Travel Guitar. It's not just an instrument; it's your ticket to hassle-free musical travels.
The struggles of traveling with your guitar on a plane
The End of Travel Woes
Imagine never having to check in your guitar again, no more dings, no more scratches, and no more heart-stopping moments at baggage claim. The Makeev Foldable Travel Guitar is your assurance against the common nightmares faced by traveling musicians. Its innovative design allows it to fold and fit into your backpack or overhead cabin space with ease. Say goodbye to the days of buying an extra seat for your guitar or pleading with airline staff for a safer storage solution.
Why Settle for Less?
Why compromise on your musical expression due to travel constraints? The Makeev Foldable Travel Guitar boasts a full-sized guitar experience in a compact, traveler-friendly package. Engineered for durability and exceptional sound quality, it challenges the notion that portable guitars lack the depth and richness of traditional guitars. With Makeev Guitars, you're not just getting a travel guitar; you're getting a premium instrument that travels. Here is what other travel guitar makers offer. Is it what you truly want? A stick with strings? Or a 3000$ travel guitar that has so many breakable mechanical as complicated as the airplane you're on? Or maybe an oversized underscaled 6-string ukulele?
Don't Let Travel Limit Your Music
The Foldable Travel Guitar from Makeev Guitars is more than an instrument; it's a revolution in the way musicians travel. No more bulky cases, no more extra fees, and no more compromises. Whether you're a touring professional, a hobbyist on holiday, or a songwriter on the move, this guitar ensures your music is never left behind.

Features That Change the Game
  • Unparalleled Portability: Fits perfectly into overhead bins, under seats, or even in your backpack. Weghts 2 kg - light to take on the go but not too light to stop feeling it on your lap.
  • Exceptional Sound Quality: Delivers the rich tones which you're used too - same wood options, crispy-clear alnico 5 pickups, smooth C-shaped neck.
  • Rugged Durability: Built to withstand the rigors of the road. As we're mainly a guitar repairs workshop we know exactly how to make our instrument so that you rarely visit your local luthier.
So why wait sadly watching "United Breaks Guitars" music video or googling how to bring your guitar on a plane, removing the neck form your stratocaster or eveng buying a new guitar when you arrive at the destination? We are the solution. We ship worldwide. And together with our customers we can not be stopped playing music whenever and wherever we want.
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